Physical Therapy Services at Your Workplace

Let the Rehab Institute evaluate your employee environment to prevent potential injuries. We’ll analyze each work area for safety and make recommendations for changes that will improve worker health and help to prevent injuries.

Job coaching including stretching and proper body mechanics education. Addresses employees concerns/symptoms. Decreases OSHA recordables.

Observation of the worker and measurement of all physical demands. Documentation of results in user-friendly format. Assists employer to match work restrictions with physical demands of a job.

To determine a worker’s safe physical abilities to return to work. Performed in a timely manner to establish guidelines for physician restrictions or to match a worker’s capabilities with the actual job demands. Currently this service is performed at our Brookfield clinic. 

Documentation of physical job demands and how they match the capabilities of the worker. Assist the employer with the return to work decision or the job placement decision.

Development of a bank of jobs to fit all work restrictions. Assists employer to minimize or eliminate lost time days.

Employee builds endurance and strength utilizing required work tasks. This is performed on the job at work.

How to build and maintain effective committees. The goal is to involve employees in injury prevention and safety.

Physical Test completed by applicant. Tests applicant’s physical ability to perform required work tasks. Currently this service is performed at our Brookfield clinic. 

Finding the real and hidden costs associated with workplace injuries and building a plan to eliminate those injuries.

  • At-Work Stretching Programs – Designed according to physical job demands.
  • Ergonomic Assessments of Jobs – Utilize functional ergonomic tools to identify risk factors associated with upper extremity, back and lower extremity injuries.
  • Office Ergonomics – Designed to setup your desk workstation to fit you.
  • Injury Prevention Education/Classes – Including proper lifting and proper workstation set up. Combined with new employee training programs or ongoing safety education to decrease workplace injuries.
  • Employee Health and Wellness Programs – Workplace stretching programs, at-home safety and health programs, wellness fairs. The goal is to help employees develop healthy habits at work and home.

RIOW'S experienced  Occupational and Physical therapists can treat you "on-site" at your work place for work related and non work related injuries.  No need for you to travel after work hours to be treated

Therapist treating injured leg

There’s a reason the Rehab Institute of Wisconsin is the leader in on-site rehabilitation in S.E. Wisconsin

  1. Experienced, licensed occupational and physical therapists on staff
  2. A proven track record of successfully implementing on-site clinics

Locally owned by an occupational therapist certified in industrial ergonomic evaluation

See What People Are Saying About Us

Arm rehab with therapist icon

I felt very cared for by my therapist. I am a caregiver and very rarely experience some caring for me. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I still do my exercises and continue to feel a benefit from them

– Jason P
Shoulder rehab icon

Therapist was very helpful and knowledgeable with answering all of my questions and concerns. Therapist was also helpful in walking me through my steps to rehabilitation.  Because of this I still keep therapist informed of my doctor visits, results, and still ask her questions.

– Peter S
Knee rehab icon

I would recommend Rehabilitation Institute of Wisconsin to anyone needing rehabilitation help. The therapist was very professional and helpful to me.

– Connie M
Back rehab icon

It was extremely helpful to be seen so quickly. Rehabilitation Institute of Wisconsin seems to go above and beyond in meeting patients' schedules and needs. Therapist extremely positive, encouraging/explains things well, therapy and life lessons (stretching, lifting, etc.) continue to be very helpful. Scheduler/receptionist also very pleasant, helpful, and efficient. Have recommended and will recommend in the future! Staff are all so friendly, patient, and helpful.

– Andy S
Foot rehab icon

“The therapist was great! She really cared and wanted to see my performance get better. She was very personable and I would recommend her to anyone.

– Heidi W
Arm rehab icon

Therapist was always professional but she made the therapy something you wanted to do even through the pain. I enjoyed my time with her. She is a great therapist. Still doing my home work.

– Dan D
Foot rehab icon

Therapists were very helpful and supportive. Scheduling appointments was super convenient. I am back to normal activity (even running!) and cannot thank them enough for their help!

– Tim R
Broken arm/elbow in sling rehab icon

I would recommend everyone who needs therapy to the Rehabilitation Institute of Wisconsin anytime. The therapists there are professionals when it comes to getting a person back on track to get back to work.

– Alicia D
Shoulder rehab icon

My therapist also covered sleep habits, medications taken, diet, daily water intake, use of ice packs, other exercises and interests, daily home chores, and best practices. My physician was impressed with how thorough and positive, and professional my therapist was.

– Don B
Knee injury rehab icon

I had a knee injury and was treated by a therapist at RIOW. I am relieved to have seen positive results with my knee pain. The at-home exercises my therapist assigned me also helped. From the on-site parking to the comfortable atmosphere and professional treatment, my experience was exceptional. I highly recommend RIOW.

– Angela S
Back rehab icon

I had treatment with RIOW for my lower back pain and enjoyed having all treatment sessions with the same therapist. My appointments were one-on-one for one hour long. My therapist was very professional and experience and highly recommend RIOW for any therapy needs.

– Jon T
Thigh rehab icon

I came to RIOW for therapy for my IT Band and was amazed on the results. My therapist was very attentive with my concerns. In just 2 sessions I could feel a decrease in my symptoms. I would definitely come back”.

– Lori S