Early Intervention Services

Rehabilitation Institute of Wisconsin's Early Intervention Program

Our main goal is to keep your employees safe, at work, and productive!

Early Intervention decreases OSHA recordables, decreases severity of injuries and saves your company money. The savings from avoiding these costs can be used to reinvest in your employees.

The key is:

  • Early identification
  • Early reporting of symptoms
  • Identifying the root cause
  • Consistent case management
Girl in a factory working with her woman boss

Our Early Intervention program is conducted by physical and occupational therapists specializing in early intervention.

This program may include:

  1. Develop on-site worksite exercise programs such as department-specified warm-ups and stretches.
  2. Job coaching: We assess your employee's discomfort and address it using proper mechanics education and symptom management techniques.
  3. We provide education to employees and supervisors to increase awareness of the early signs of musculoskeletal injuries and injury prevention.
  4. Ergonomic assessment
  5. Physical demand analysis
  6. On-site physical therapy

We are locally owned by an occupational therapist certified in industrial ergonomic evaluation