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Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

Manual Therapy Techniques

These are hands on techniques, such as soft tissue mobilization (to improve the mobility of your soft tissues; similar to localized massage), joint mobilization (to restore the normal mobility of your joints), and myofascial release (to improve the mobility of your fascial system).

Therapeutic Exercise

The use of stretching, range of motion, and/or strengthening exercises to improve flexibility, increase motion and develop strength.

Therapeutic Activities

The use of functional activities to restore functional performance. These activities may include bending, lifting, getting into and out of the car, transitioning from sitting to standing, etc.

Neuromuscular Re-education

These techniques are focused on retraining your motor system to improve movement, balance, coordination, posture, etc.

Gait Training

This therapeutic procedure is used to improve a patient's walking function. It may be done with or without an assistive device (i.e., crutches, cane, or walker) depending on a patient's level of function and/or weight bearing status.


Treatments such as ultrasound, iontophoresis, electrical stimulation, etc.

Patient Education

Our therapists will discuss their findings and recommendations with you. They will explain the treatment techniques being utilized and the anatomy involved. You will learn about proper positioning, posture, and body mechanics and how to manage your condition/symptoms.

Home Exercise Program Instruction

In order to maximize your improvement, it will be important for you to complete your therapeutic exercises on your own several times/week, in addition to your therapy visits. You will be provided with written instructions for these.


Our therapists can evaluate your need for a splint, cane, walker, brace, or custom orthoses.

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