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The On-Site Clinic

Business owners know that safety issues are multi-dimensional and can dramatically affect the profitability of a company.

We at Rehabilitation Institute of Wisconsin understand occupational injuries are a major concern for the employer.

Proper body mechanics education in the plant

Two Key Issues are High on All Employers' Minds

  1. Preventative programs to reduce worker injuries
  2. Effective high quality rehabilitation that provides
      a timely return to work in order to resume a career
      free from repeated injuries.

Proper body mechanic education in the plant.



What is an On-Site Clinic?

Uppere extremity and core strengthening exerciseRange of motion exerciseAn on-site clinic is a space within your facility. A therapist will travel to your location to treat an injured worker. We utilize a small private space (i.e. conference room, office, first aid room) to provide the physical therapy/occupational therapy treatment prescribed by the physician. Manual therapyWe bring all the necessary equipment for each appointment (usually 2-3x/week). The clinic is fully operated and staffed by Rehabilitation Institute of Wisconsin during scheduled appointments. The On-Site Program for your facility would be customized to meet your specific needs.


Why is the Rehabilitation Institute of Wisconsin the Leader in On-Site Rehabilitation?

  1. Experienced, licensed occupational and physical therapists on staff
  2. Proven excellence and experience with implementing on-site clinics

Ask for a full presentation book on the development of on-site clinics

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