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Industrial Ergonomic Consulting ServicesIndustrial Ergonomics

Industrial and Ergonomic Programs

On-Site Rehabilitation

Physical and occupational therapy is provided by a licensed, experienced therapist at your workplace. It is convenient, immediate, and cost effective.

Injury Prevention Education

Office Ergonomics
Office Ergonomics

Proper lifting instruction

Injury Prevention Education

This includes instruction in proper lifting and proper workstation set up. Injury prevention education can be a part of your new employee training program or ongoing safety education to decrease workplace injuries.





Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity EvaluationsPinch strength testing

The evaluation is completed to determine a worker’s safe physical abilities upon returning to full-time work. This is performed in a timely manner to establish guidelines for physician restrictions or to match a worker’s capabilities with the actual job demands.


Job Hazard Analysis/Job Video

This evaluation is completed to identify and address "hazards" before accidents occur. The employer can implement controls to eliminate the hazards.

The Job Hazard Analysis should be the center piece of any risk control and occupational safety and health program.

A video of the specific job tasks can be utilized for Independent Medical Exams.

Push/pull force measurement

Physical Demand Analysis

This is a written report describing the essential physical job demands (i.e., physical, environmental, and sensory tasks) required to complete the specific work activities within a job. This can be utilized for the return to work decisions or to design a post offer physical evaluation. It is also helpful to determine injury causation.



Worker Compatibility Profile

This utilizes the physical demand analysis report to determine if those demands match the capability of the worker. It is done to assist the employer with return to work and job placement decisions.

Post-Offer Physical Capability Evaluation

This is an evaluation of the physical capabilities of a potential candidate for hire. It allows a candidate to demonstrate their physical ability to perform the job demands.

Injury Prevention Education

Safety/Ergonomic Consulting

This assists the employer in understanding the real and hidden costs associated with work-place injuries and building a plan to eliminate those injuries. It can include utilization of a job hazard analysis with ergonomic suggestions for improvement.

Ergonomic Education

This is designed for supervisor and employee audiences. Education is provided to involve all levels of employees in safety.

Effective Safety/Ergonomic Committees

Learn how to build and maintain effective committees that will involve all employees in injury prevention.

"Tool Box Talks"

These talks occur in the employees’ department in order to increase daily safety awareness.

At work stretching program
At work stretching program

Employee Health and Wellness Programs

This may include workplace stretching programs, at-home safety, health programs, and health fairs. The programs assist employees to develop healthy habits at work and at home.

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